Shiffman_SE_mech:Schiffman coverModern market is divided in various segments which has its own large number of companies that offer different materials but with the same meaning. The consumer doesn’t always know from who to buy, and he will go to the one that shows himself from the best side. To understand how a majority of consumers think, it is recommended to read book about consumer behavior or marketing. A book that envelopes these topics is “Consumer Behavior” by Leon G. Schiffman and Leslie L. Kanuk. This can be read by undergraduate students from the previously said fields or simple individuals that want to enrich their knowledge about consumer behavior. At the begging the book explains various theories how modern technologies changed the behavior of most consumers, especially the Internet. A collection of thirty two cases will help the reader to apply the read theory into practice. After completing these cases in the epilogue the reader will find an overview on the whole book, to see a big picture in some mere pages.


ANTHONY GIDDENS SOCIOLOGY 6TH EDITION PDFSociology is an interesting field of study, With it we can analyze and make an explanation to the things that occur in various society fields. Getting an understanding by yourself with pure experience is hard, why try inventing something new when everything was invented, structures and analyzed by other people for years. A good text book on this topic can serve “Sociology” by Anthony Giddens. The sixth edition of this book continues the ideas said in the previous books. Most chapters are left unedited but there is some new added material on social theory, education, inequalities, media, war and terrorism and politics and government. Aside from a monologue text, the author applies sequences for the reader to enable his critical thinking, to stimulate him to make his own conclusions and points of view, otherwise all words said by Anthony Giddens would be only memorized, without any effort to analyze them. A great book for undergraduate students or simple individuals who want to understand better different societies.


ELITMUS SAMPLE PAPERS PDFStudent years is the golden period of each person, here you have not so many responsibilities and a lot of freedom. In these years you have a lot of time to spend on self-progression, learning, training, chilling etc. But, at some moment it will end, and you will have to move on and get your first official job. Gaining a first job can prove difficult, because not so many companies tend to hire fresh students from universities. Most students haven’t worked in their life, don’t have decent practice and are still naive. These elements tend companies to search for more mature people that are in some way more experienced in life. If you are a fresh graduate student in India, fear not because in your case eLitmus can help you. eLitmus is an Indian private company that works as an intermediary between students and various companies world-wide. Their job is to examine the candidates via a pH Test, this test show various specialty and general skills that can come in handy at future work place. Before attending the test you’ll need to fill a blank without information, a sample paper of this blank will be useful to make a first good impression.


GATE ENGINEERING MATHEMATICS BY R.K.KANODIA PDFStudents from India created a high competition among themselves. Being the most populated country in the world, made an interesting environment where each student must tend to perfection in order to achieve higher edutcation and a decent job, especially in engineering. Engineers of various specialties are always needed in India and in other countries. Even though, most people go to law and medical fields, lower number of people in engineering doesnt mean less competition. Undergraduate students in engineering must attend the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering in order to pursue their higher education from technical universities of India. A good book that trains undergraduate students topics related to this test is R.K. Kanodia’s “Engineering Mathematics”. The book itself explains almost everything related to mathematics in engineering: vectors, probability, statistics, calculus etc. Every student must go through these topics and understand them, otherwise his life of a student will be a tough one or in a different field.


PACE 5031NV MANUALInternet changed drastically our way of communication. Technically, internet increased the globalization speed, offering various meanings for people to interact through its environment, from simple instant chat messages and e-mails to complex high definition video conferences. The late, only in recent years started to be used, thanks to the technological progress. Digital telephony, video calls and conference calls are a must have in modern IP Telephony. A gateway that supports VDSL and VoIP is Pace’s 5031NV. This device has a combination of VDSL (very-high-bit-rate digital subscriber line), built-in wireless module for 802.11n wireless performance and multicast IGM proxy. The WAN port, for cable connection offers a 10/100 Mbps Ethernet connection, also there are four LAN cables for situational extensions. Pace 5031NV is a modern gateway, so operating it for a novice or even an intermediate user can prove difficult, therefor it is recommended to read the user’s manual before starting using it.


ATI 102 A924 B DRIVERStarting from beginning of the computer evolution, video cards we’re just a mere tool for information representation, those 4MB of video memory with a very low clock frequency we’re enough for your work. Now, video cards are the ultimate gaming weapon. A good gaming computer, in the first place, must have a powerful video card, to render, represent, stock various textures supplied by the game. Nowadays there are two giants in the video card manufacturing industry, these are ATI and nVidia. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages in each released model. The ATI-102-A924 B is the part number for ATI’s Radeon X1300. This video card is a classed as a low budget one and offers a 256MB DDR memory with DVI and S-Video out connectors. It requires a PCI Express x16 slot and a supply of 40W. As any other auxiliary device, this video card will require its native drivers to be installed on the computer, otherwise can appear various random freezes or crushes due to severed compatibility.


BDNEWS24 BANGLA FONTThe Benga, or also known as Bengali, language is native for the present Bangladesh. The language is written in the Bengali alphabet which is the 6th most used writing system in the world. The Bengali alphabet is composed from different consonants, vowel diacritics, vowel letters, digits, modifiers and punctuation marks. Also, in Bengali language structures that are written up to four consecutive consonants, without separating them with a vowel are represented as a ligature “consonant conjunct”. All these particularities forced people to create new type of fonts that can represent the Bengali language, and also type it in digital form. Therefor was created the Bangla Font. This font is used in various digital sources for representation of the Benga language. A good example of the Benga Font can be seen on BDNews24 (Bangladesh News 24), they use the same font each time. To use the same BDNews24 Benga Font, you have to firstly install it into your Windows system folder, in order for it to appear in the font list of all your text editors.


THE CHARGE BRENDON BURCHARD PDFNowadays “building” your life is not as easy as it was in the past. At a young age you thoughtlessly make bizarre conclusions that life isn’t such a hard deal, when growing up most people change their views, and understand the full picture of what is “real”. This leads to various negative influences that worsen your health and overall appreciation of life, which you have only one. Most common elements are of course stress, sleepiness and monotonous daily life. How to deal with these things and to finally understand what it really means to be alive? Brendon Burchard passed this dark period of his life, and is ready to share his experience and thoughts about it in his book “The Charge: Activating the 10 Human Drives That Make You Feel”. As can be seen from the name, Brendon will explain that to start understanding the alive part of “life” it is necessary to activate these drives, which represent your desires for more competence, caring, control, congruence, change, creative expression, caring, challenge, consciousness and contribution. “The Charge” is an excellent book for every individual!


MARVELL AVASTAR WIRELESS COMPOSITE DEVICE DRIVERNotebooks and laptops are designed to be a mobile version of your daily computer. With these devices you can easily access all your digital information wherever you might be. What makes notebooks and laptops a perfect choice for this, is that they can have the same operating system that is installed on your desktop computer, they have an integrated rechargeable battery that supplies your device with the required energy when unplugged from the system, compact size, easy weight and, of course, an integrated chip for wireless connection. Desktop computers usually don’t have a system for wireless connection, which is understandable because usually these machines are connected by line to a router or directly to the Ethernet. There are various companies that manufacture these chips but we will talk about Marvell’s Avastar. Marvell’s Avastar chip supports a regular 802.11 Wi-Fi connection and, additionally, Bluetooth 4.0 and Mobile MIMO. Not all operating systems contain necessary drivers for this chip, if you are having trouble with it we recommend to install its native drivers, and the issue could be solved.


CONCRETE TECHNOLOGY BY M.S.SHETTY PDFProfessor M. S. Shetty is a retired civil engineer, who has over 50 years of professional experience, having worked as a site engineer, researcher, professor, consultant and post-graduate guide. After retirement, he has conducted over a hundred training programs on the different aspects of Concrete Technology. These programs have been attended by site engineers from large construction companies as well as private contractors and employees from the central and state governments departments. Concrete is a basic building material needed for many Civil Engineering projects. There is a great deal to this subject, from the types of different concrete mixtures, to curing concrete, methods of recycling it and more. The book on Concrete Technology first published in 1982. It has seen seven editions and more than thirty five reprints. The book is popular with students, practicing and consulting engineers, and architects. If you are one of these people then you must have this book.