Quidam 3d Character CreatorMy friend Jacob is a great animator. At the moment he is a part of Activision team and his job is to create new characters for games. Yesterday I had the chance to visit him at work, and he gave me a few tips regarding the Quidam 3D program. In case that you are not familiar with the Quidam, I would like to inform you that this is a character generator program for modeling, dressing and decorating virtual humans or other creatures for games, art compositions or cartoons.
Quidam is an often-used tool by professional animators for creating in a short time a character. Now you will have the chance to create your own hero, that you have always dreamed about. You are going to customize every detail, until you will reach the perfection. Of course at the beginning you are going to work with already existing models, until you will learn the required skills to create a new hero.
I am sure you will enjoy a lot the Quidam software, so don’t miss your chance to DOWNLOAD the program for FREE on the link below.


Hp Deskjet 6988 DriverI am sure that most of you are familiar with HP brand. Hewlett-Packard is an American company founded in 1939, that specializes on manufacturing and marketing computer hardware and software. Maybe you have at least once i your life used an HP laptop or printer.
A few days ago I had the chance to use the HP Deskjet 6988 printer, and I fell in love with it. The printer looks really nice and it’s performance amazed me. Did you know that it can print up to 36 ppm black text and 27 ppm color? I would like also to remark, that it’s output quality is also on the highest level. A very nice and useful feature is the duplex system, which allows you to save 50% of paper and as a result money. The inkjet printers also supports the PictBridge, that allows you to print photos directly from your camera.
HP team has recently released a new Deskjet 6988 Driver, that will install all the latest updates for your printer. In order to DOWNLOAD the Driver for FREE, just click on the button below.


Boats N Hoes RingtoneDo you like comedy movies? I enjoy them really much, because every year my friends an I make a list called “Best Movies of the Year”. I think your remember the movie “Step Brothers”, released in 2008, well it is also introduced in that list.
“Step Brothers” is an American comedy film starring two extraordinary actors Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly. Directed by Adam McKay and produced by Judd Apatow, the movie tells us the story middle-aged, unemployed men who still live with their parents. Suddenly these men are forced to leave with each other, because Brennan Huff’s (Will Ferrell) mother gets married to Dale Doback’s (John C. Reilly) father, and their life will change forever.
I am not sure that you know, but a short time after the movie was released John C. Reilly and Will Ferrell have decided to produce a Step Brother rap album, but unfortunately it failed. Even if the album was not released, I am sure that you know one of it’s songs “Boats N Hoes”. So if you like the song, you can easily download the Boats N Hoes Ringtone for FREE from the link below.


Zaner Bloser FontZaner-Bloser is an American company headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, that specializes on developing handwriting, reading and vocabulary programs. The company was founded by Charles Paxton Zaner, an American pen artist and calligrapher. The company has successfully activated for a long time, before it was purchased by Highlights for Children.
The Zaner-Bloser font is an excellent typeface, that suits perfectly for kindergarten and primary school teachers. It is the most convenient font for creating worksheets and practice pages. Hundreds of teachers around United States are using the Zaner-Bloser font, and all of them have noticed that children are more concentrated when the teacher is using the following font. My little brother is a big fan of this font and he really likes when his teacher is using it.
There thousands of fonts, but this one was created specially for writing education texts. Take advantage of the unique chance to DOWNLOAD the Zaner-Bloser font for FREE from the link below.


Intel Cs430 DriverIntel is a well-known American corporation founded in July 1968 and headquartered in Santa Clara, California. The company was founded by three friends Gordon E. Moore, Robert Noyce and Arthur Rock. The initial investment in the company was more than $2.5 million, that’s why today Intel is one of the highest valued semiconductor chip makers. In the 1990s, the company invested a lot of money in microprocessor designs, and soon after became one of the leaders on the computer industry market.
Beside manufacturing motherboard chipsets and graphic chips, Intel has manufactured web cams. Today I would like to talk specifically about Intel CS430, the device that was released almost 15 years ago. Even if the camera is quiet old, I would like to remark that is has an excellent quality, good video capture resolution and a nice design. In case that you are still using this device, you definitely have to download the CS430 Driver that will improve the video quality and will make the camera work as it was new. Download the Driver absolutely for FREE from the link below.


Aflac Duck RingtoneAflac Incorporated is an American company that activates in the financial services field. Founded in 1955, at the moment Aflac is one of the largest provider of supplemental insurance in the U.S. More than that, the company claims that they insure “one of four Japanese households”. The company offers a wide range of insurance policies, including: Accident, Hospital Confinement Sickness Indemnity, Life etc.
In 1999 the company started a new TV commercials series featuring the Aflac Duck, that made Aflac a well-known brand. I am sure all of you know the commercial where a duck walks around Central Park, uttering “Aflac,Aflac”. At the moment the Duck character has starred in more than 30 commercials, which is pretty impressive.
I like the commercial very much, and my friends think that it is very funny, that’s why I decided to make a joke and I downloaded the Aflac Duck ringtone. All my friends enjoyed the ringtone a lot, and I hope your friends will do as well, so don’t hesitate to DOWNLOAD the Ringtone for FREE on the link below.


Coneria Script FontMåns Grebäck is a young Swedish graphic designer, that has specialized in logotype, font and typography design. Grebäck has received his bachelor degree in Graphic Design at University of Dalarna. In 2011, the designer has started the company called “Mawns Design”, that specializes on designing fonts and working on international freelance projects.
Grebäck has released dozens of impressive fonts including: Acryle Script, Lighthouse, Channel etc. Today, I would to share with you one of my favorite Grebäck’s typeface called “Coneria Script”. The font was released in 2012 and is included in the list of Calligraphy fonts. Coneria Script suits perfectly for wedding invitations, birth certificates, cut stone inscriptions, love letter and even maps. I am using this font when I am writing letters to my girlfriend, and she likes it very much.
Usually you have to pay for the font at least $20, but now you have an unique chance to DOWNLOAD it for FREE on the link below.


L5r Character GeneratorThe Legend of the Five Rings is a fictional roleplaying game, published by Alderac Entertainment Group in 1997. Alderac has released three more editions of the game, the last one in 2010. In case that you are already familiar with the Legend of the Five Rings setting, shortly called L5R, it will be easier for you to play the game.
The action is set in the fictional empire Rokugan, that is based on feudal Japan times with influences from other East Asian cultures like: Vietnam, China, Mongoia and Korea.
The RPG is played by one or more players and a game master that controls every event in the game, including the NPCs. There are two ways to create a character: you can roll the dice and randomly generate attributes or you can create it by using collected point.
The L5R Character Generator gives you the possibility to create and customize you own hero, without using points or rolling the dice. You will be able to customize everything, starting with the way he/she looks and ending with the skills. The generator works perfectly, so don’t hesitate to DOWNLOAD it for FREE!


Lexmark X5320 DriverLexmark International is an American corporation, founded in 1991 and headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky. Since 2010, Lexmark has done several acquisitions including Perceptive Software, ISYS Search Software and other companies. The company is one of the leaders on the American market at producing a wide range of printers.
Several days ago, I had the pleasure to use Lexmark X5320 multifunctional device. Beside it’s main printing function, the device allows you to copy, fax and scan documents and photos. Even if the printer was released more than five years ago, and it doesn’t include all the modern features, the device still impress us with a good speed, up to 16 ppm, and a decent output quality. The printer has an old thermal inkjet technology, but I still enjoy the photo quality and it’s beautiful colors.
I am sure that you already know how important is to install the latest drivers. By choosing the right Driver to install, it will increase the print speed and the loading time. Do not hesitate to DOWNLOAD the X5320 for FREE on the link below.


F5 Irule EditorI am sure that a big part of you has an iPhone or an iPad, and you certainly know what iTunes is and how to use it. But do you know what iRule is, and why do we need it? In case that you forgot, I would like to remind you that iRules is a script that controls the network traffic that is passing through your F5 device. Which means that in order to do a rate limiting or a custom persisting, you have to write several pieces of codes, and that’s where iRules is going to help you. The up-mentioned script can route, redirect, inspect, discard or reject the network traffic that is passing though a BIG-IP. I know that writing the codes is a quiet complicated job, so sometimes we need to edit the codes in order to make it easier to work with them, and here comes F5 iRule Editor. From now on you don’t have to use a simple edit window, because the following software offers you the chance to develop iRules with a full syntax highlighting, colorization etc. This is a very useful tool that you can easily DOWNLOAD for FREE from the link below.