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11Yahoo Message Archive Decoder 4.5 can read Yahoo! Messenger archive files and present them in the readable format. In contrast to the option offered by Yahoo! Messenger, using this program enables you to decode them without getting connected to the internet. Of course, you need to have the .dat files but don’t need to have the passward of the message archive owner. This software facilitates decoding of typical conversation messages, conferences, private messages, mobile messages or SMS and .hst files to plain text or HTML and complete with smiley, time stamps and font formatting like type face, italic, bold, font size, colors and underline.

Yahoo Message Archive Decoder 4.5 can support Unicode text in Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and non Latin characters. One of the main features of this program is that it is 20 times faster than Yahoo! Messenger internal viewer. It also provides the users with the ability of changing message archiving options in the easiest manner. The users can also access password for preventing unauthorized use of program. This program comes with forensic friendly features like date and time stamping, decoding of .hst file and detecting corrupted file. You can surf online to find and use free download links to download and install Yahoo Message Archive Decoder 4.5 on your computer.


10Steam is a strategic game with several highlights. This game entails unique characters and has got more effective insights. This is a simple action game that was initially provided to be played via online. After several developments, this Steam game has got eventually unveiled for the user to play this offline. This game is very interesting and it has got attracted by both children and adults. Now, this game is available to be provided for download via online and if you wish to download and play this game, then you can download it anytime anywhere with the help of internet.

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8The synology camera license is specifically developed for extending camera set-up in synology surveillance station. In default, two sorts of camera licenses seem to be installed. By providing the license key to user-interface of surveillance station, you can able to manage and set-up more cameras through the network. The meticulously crafted interface is considered to be easy to use. The intuitive design of Synology Surveillance Station License seems to be simple-to-use, handy organization and speedy multitasking. In addition to that, the performance tweaks offer most responsive and smoothest experience as well.

With the aid of this new design, you can able to open multiple numbers of windows and hence carry out plenty of things at a same time. For instance, you can open live view window so as to continuously monitor the spaces, thereby altering settings, playing back the previous recordings and hence maintaining IP cameras at same time. Moreover, you can also manually unlock or lock the connected doors straightly via surveillance station. In case the door is opened forcedly or else remain open for prolonged hours then you will obtain an alert regarding the potential threat. By centralizing physical logs access and video recordings in single location, you can easily view which employee open the door and the time of opening and many more information.


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